Are you a disabled person, an older person, or someone with a long term condition, in the Wakefield District?


Do you need support to live independently? Help with personal care, household tasks, getting out and about? Do you want choice and control over how your support is given and who provides it? Need someone you can trust and rely upon?

This website contains lots of information which can help you move towards employing a Personal Assistant to support you in all these things. Please feel free to browse the site and  make use of the information, much of which is downloadable.

If you would like us to assist you to appoint a Personal Assistant, or if you are a Social Worker acting on behalf of someone who needs a PA, you can download our Client Registration Form here:    Wakefield PA Database Client Registration Form


… or maybe you would you like to be a Personal Assistant in the Wakefield District?


Do you want to assist a disabled person to live independently?

Are you already a PA who wants flexible, fair employment with access to training and development?

Our website contains useful information for those people who want support. It also provides a place to register as a Personal Assistant to work with those who want support. Our service exists to help disabled and older people find someone local who meets their needs… and it’s free!

This service is designed by disabled people, led by disabled people and personal assistants. We can help you gain fair employment as a PA, access to training and development, better terms and conditions and facilitate safer, flexible support.

Just click  ‘Register as a PA’ to start the process.


Once registered and approved, you can then be considered for Personal Assistant vacancies in the Wakefield Area. We will directly inform you of vacancies as they arise. You can update your profile, in terms of roles and availability, at any time.


It’s quick and easy!


“Now I employ my own personal assistant, I can choose what time I get up, when I go to bed and have choices about what I eat and when.”

“I’ve got a PA who will help me get to gigs, so I can go out with friends from my school without my mum!”

“My PA gives me control over where I go and how I live my life and it doesn’t have to be the same each day. She helps me stay in my own home safely and I have my life back.”

“The agency charged a lot and my father didn’t always get the same person each day, which made him anxious. With his new PA, we have someone we trust, so we have peace of mind. When we see him now, we do fun things as a family, instead of having to dress him and change his sheets. He has control and pride again.”

“I use my Direct Payment to employ someone I trust to help me at home and around town.”

The Wakefield PA Database is a collaboration between Choices and Rights (in Hull), Vision Sense (in Jarrow),  – we are all disabled people who use support and we are working together to provide safe, valuable services in Wakefield District.

If you would like us to send you a paper version of the application to become a PA, please contact us and let us know,

Alternatively, a printable paper version of the application in PDF format is available using this link:


(Please note, this link is only for non-computer users  –  The preferred mode of registration is by clicking on the ‘Register as a PA’ option  above – Thank you)


For any enquiries please contact Mike on 0300 111 1977







The project is funded by Wakefield Council.

To register as a PA Click the link at the top of the page or Register Here